Alexandria Park Community School

Client: DECC/Richard Crookes
Location: Belmont Street, Alexandria


Our involvement:

  • Potential settlement and CBR assessment
  • Footing and building pad inspections
  • Scaffoldingf certification
  • Batter stability advice
  • Temporary shoring and adaptive geotechnical solutions.


Project Challenges:

Earthworks at the Alexandria Park and Community School projects were extensive with the added difficulty of being an asbestos contaminated site.


Fortify Geotech’s Solutions:

Fortify Geotech provided geotechnical advice and certification throughout the entirety of the groundworks stage of the project whilst implementing all the relevant asbestos awareness practices. Fortify provided advice on allowable bearing pressure conditions, batter stabilisation as well as working with the client to come up with temporary shoring options in line with the budgetary and timeline requirements suitable for the deep footing systems constructed in typically unstable sandy fill material.