The Role of Environmental Engineering in Sustainable Development

Environmental engineering plays a pivotal role in promoting sustainable development by addressing the environmental challenges associated with human activities and finding innovative solutions to minimise negative impacts on the environment. From conducting VENM classifications and wastewater assessments to soil testing and foundation movement investigation, Fortify Geotech’s environmental engineers contribute to creating a sustainable future.


VENM and Waste Classification Assessment

Fortify Geotech is a leading provider of VENM (Virgin Excavated Natural Material) and waste classification assessments, showcasing their expertise in environmental engineering practices. With these assessments, Fortify Geotech plays a crucial role in evaluating and classifying excavated materials to determine whether they qualify as VENM or waste. By conducting thorough assessments, they ensure that materials are managed and disposed of in accordance with regulatory standards, thereby minimizing environmental impacts. Fortify Geotech’s accurate classification of materials not only helps streamline construction and excavation projects but also promotes sustainability and responsible waste management practices, contributing to the overall goal of sustainable development.


Water and wastewater management

Water and wastewater management is a critical area where Fortify Geotech’s environmental engineers significantly contribute to sustainable development. Fortify Geotech specialises in conducting wastewater and effluent assessments as well as providing Sydney Water infrastructure assessments. By designing and implementing systems for clean water supply, wastewater treatment, and stormwater management, environmental engineers ensure the efficient and sustainable management of water resources, using their expertise to help mitigate water scarcity, enhance public health, and preserve precious freshwater resources for the benefit of future generations.


Soil and Groundwater Assessments

Soil and groundwater assessments play a vital role in the sustainable development efforts of environmental engineers, as illustrated by Fortify Geotech’s involvement in the HMAS Albatross Redevelopment project. Located in Nowra, NSW, this Royal Australian Navy Air Station required extensive remediation of its facilities and infrastructure to meet future requirements. As part of their geotechnical works, Fortify Geotech conducted thorough investigations for several new buildings, including Intake Switching Stations, Central Emergency Power Station, Water Pump House, and Fitness Facilities.



The project also involved geotechnical investigations for the Hot Refuelling Point & Fuel Pipeline and the construction of new taxiways. To ensure comprehensive data collection, groundwater wells were installed and monitored. Recognizing the challenges posed by the taxiway subgrade’s very low CBR clay material, Fortify Geotech conducted lime stabilisation trials to identify the most effective and efficient subgrade stabilisation treatment. Furthermore, Soil Resistivity Testing was carried out at the locations of six new substations, offering valuable insights for the project’s electrical infrastructure. Through their expertise in conducting soil and groundwater assessments, environmental engineers contribute significantly to sustainable development by ensuring the safe and environmentally sound completion of infrastructure projects.


Forensic and Foundation Movement Investigations

Fortify Geotech demonstrated their expertise in forensic and foundation movement investigations through their involvement in the 4 National project. This project encompassed the construction of a large multi-storey office building and a four-level basement car park. The site’s geology presented unique challenges, with underlying bedrock consisting mostly of dipping beds of very strong calcareous siltstone and limestone. However, a north-south aligned fault traversed the site, resulting in a sheared zone of very weak rock and significant groundwater flows. To address these complexities, Fortify Geotech provided a temporary support solution for the deep basement excavation, ensuring the safety and stability of the construction process. Additionally, they meticulously considered the footing system in the area affected by the weak faulted rock, taking proactive measures to mitigate any potential foundation movements. By conducting thorough investigations and implementing appropriate solutions, Fortify Geotech played a crucial role in ensuring the successful completion of the 4 National project, while maintaining the integrity and sustainable development of the structure.


Therefore, in the pursuit of a sustainable future, the role of environmental engineering emerges as a guiding light, illuminating a path where human activities can harmoniously coexist with the natural world.