Surfside Data Centre

Client: Canberra Data Centres/Hindmarsh Construction
Location: Roberts Road, Eastern Creek


Our involvement:

  • Geotechnical investigations
  • Soil Sampling
  • Point Load Rock Strength Testing
  • Mobile Crane foundation certification
  • Controlled fill Certification
  • Footing Inspection
  • Scaffolding Foundation Certification


Project Challenges:

The project was situated above an old clay brick quarry. It is a requirement for data centres to be designed to be able to withstand various natural disasters. Given the inconstant nature of constructing at an old quarry site and the lack of data on cut-fill levels and backfill conditions of the pre-existing quarry, deep pile footings of varied lengths needed to be installed.


Fortify Geotech’s Solutions:

Fortify Geotech completed multiple comprehensive geotechnical investigations for each stage of the Surfside Data Centre Project. The data from the investigations presented precise information on the subsurface profile conditions allowing for accurate design and planning of piling depths and earthworks timelines.

During construction, Fortify Geotech inspected all pile footings ranging from 14m to 40m depths to ensure all footings were founded in the correct material, rock socket depths were achieved, and the toe of the footings were clean and dry prior to the installation of reinforcement cages and pouring of concrete.

Other inspections during construction at the Surfside Data Centre included:

  • Dynamic Cone penetrometer (DCP) testing for the certification of piling rigs, concrete booms, and mobile crane foundations
  • Proof rolling and the organisation of in-situ density testing for controlled fill certification
  • DCP testing for the certification of scaffolding foundations

On call advice for general geotechnical information, explanations, and alternative geotechnical solutions