Long Street Quarry – Goulburn

The disused Long Street Quarry was a set for the feature film “Hacksaw Ridge”, where actors/stunt men had to climb up and down faces of the quarry. The section of cliff face that was used for filming was located at the northern end of the quarry, and comprised a ~20m high vertical cliff face, with a ~8m/10m high scree pile at the toe.

ACT Geotechnical Engineers conducted a geotechnical slope instability risk assessment of the cliff face prior to filming. This assessment identified three features at this location as having a “high” or “very high” risk of slope instability, including the risk of rock falls from the face, loose material at the top edge of the cliff, and instability of the scree at the toe. To ensure the safety of actors/stunt men, ACT Geotech provided recommendations to stabilise the cliff face, which ACT Geotech then check to make sure they were implemented correctly.